Branch Change


"Branch of the future" and "branch improvement" are still hot subjects in the retail banking industry.


At another BAI Retail Delivery show, this one in Las Vegas, NV, it is clear in between the sessions and talking to attendees on the program floor, the "branch of the future" and "branch improvement" are still the hot subjects among retail bankers.


Just what does "branch improvement" and "branch of the future" suggest?


Some think of it as branch re-design, with stations that permit tellers to move easily around the branch instead of being stuck behind a traditional teller line. What everyone seems to agree on is that branch transformation indicates leveraging ingenious technology in the branch, and using that innovation to areas where there are presently discomfort points for the consumer. To get more information about finance click on .


Attaining Branch Transformation


Real improvement will come from enhancing both the individual branch along with the entire network of branches. By automating low-value activities such as teller deals, bank staff can be re-deployed as sales partners, offering financial information and guidance to customers or upselling to produce added value for the organization. By bringing more self-service banking options into the branches to unload the low-value activities, re-deploying staff ends up being much easier to achieve.


The Key to "Branch Transformation" is Self-Service Kiosks


One of the most convenient ways to approach a branch of the future is to execute self-service booths to cover basic, low-value activities. At the conference, our group demonstrated the brand-new Personal Teller Machine, a self-service banking kiosk option. It permits the client to carry out 80-90 % of typical transactions handled by tellers directly at the booth.


Personal Teller Machine transaction examples:


Withdraw cash

Withdraw specific money (consumer picks denominations).

Deposit check, cash, get cash back.

Account transfers.

Access statements.

Check account balances.

Stop payment.

Official check issuance.

Expense payment.

Receive printed, emailed or text receipts.

The market pattern of branch transformation and branch of the future is acquiring momentum. It is essential to know which self-service banking solution is best for your branch. Take a look at video demos of the Personal Teller Machine in action or explore the video teller for ATMs vs. the Personal Teller Machine.